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Solar defense SPF 50

I am a black woman with oily skin and I like how easy it is to spread the SPF on your face, there is no scent, no white cast or irritation but my face looks very greasy with this. My other skincare products had kept the oiliness under control and this sunscreen makes my face look as shiny as if it was full of oil. I was hoping I would have a dewy/glowy look but it looks and feels greasy after a few hours

Never received my order


Am a black girl and finding a sunscreen that works is difficult but this one is the best worth the price please don’t change the ingredients

Wonderful sunscreen

So glad there is no cast! And my skin glows, but doesn’t look oily.

Spot Treatment - 15ml
Ezinne Ibekwe

I don’t have them yet. Apparently Royal mail has been on strike

I don’t ever leave reviews, but I must!!!

I don’t ever leave reviews, but I had to on this, this stuff is the best sunscreen I have ever used, it doesn’t break me out or feel greasy and it doesn’t leave a white cast on my dark African American skin, I will never use another sunscreen again!! Wow this stuff is the sh-t!!

Love this product

I have been using this for the past 4 years 🥰

Solar Defence SPF 50 - 50ml & 100ml

Master Antioxidant Cleanser - 50ml

Solar Defence SPF 50 - 50ml & 100ml
Ernestina Appiah-Darkwah

Have still not receive it


Great products.
I have oily, acne prone skin and have tried EVERY product on the market plus prescription medication.
Bea products have really helped

Holy Grail Sunscreen!

I've been using this for a solid year and I'm blown away! I have the type of skin that basically breaks out if the wind blows the wrong way, so of course finding a sunscreen has been a major battle (I'm also allergic to multiple chemical filters). With this, I can finally wear sunscreen and not worry about breakouts, I know it's working because very old, stubborn hyperpigmentation spots finally started fading after a few months of use and many are gone, and it leaves ZERO white cast on my dark skin. So many mineral sunscreens claim zero cast, but their product clearly wasn't tested on black skin while using the proper amount (not a measly pea size). Despite the high shipping cost to the U.S., I will never stop using this. Please never discontinue. I will hop in the lab myself if I have to.

Nairobi's Favorite Sunscreen/Check The Price

I’m a young black male, who hails from Nairobi, Kenya. We are experiencing some scorching torching heat from the sun. I dig this sunscreen because it’s light and I don’t look ashy. I think this is the most aesthetically elegant sunscreen I’ve worn. I’m able to wear Arimis (milking jelly vaseline for the cows) underneath and I look flawless. I can’t help but notice alot of women staring at my face most of the time.
I gave this a rating of four because of the compliments, stares, and peers. However, I feel like the sunscreen costs an arm and a leg, and it’s not easily accessible for the lay people. Kindly, sell the 100ml sunscreen for $20 and make it available on Amazon too. Also, add an office in Nairobi, Kenya in addition to your Abuja, Nigeria office.

I am taking my previous rating back, it works, this is the best sunscreen ever! 5/5

My skin was irritated when I used both my sunscreen and facial moisture, especially over summer.
After writing a review for this product, I decided to use it by its self without my moisture and my skin was ok , no irritation. In cooler months, I use both my moisturiser and sunscreen and I have no irritation.
I am about to purchase another one.
Great product, good job to Bea skincare.

Best sunscreen ever!

Finally found a sunscreen that actually delivers. Non greasy, no white cast, and lightweight. Amazing amazing amazing. Highly recommend!

Best mineral sunscreen

This is the best mineral sunscreen. No white cast and with Alpha Arbutin provides extra brightening treatment. Made for black skin. I’m on my 3rd bottle. I have oily skin and whilst this is not matte and is very creamy it works well under makeup. I use a translucent powder over my foundation so the slight shine is not a problem because the powder mattifies this. Best still this does not cause me to breakout!

Good product

It is light weight, feels good on my skin and leaves no white Cast.
My best physical sunscreen so far .

Too good to be true??

I would love to love this stuff and give it 5 stars, but I need to be shown that it isn’t just too good to be true.

BEA please show you’re testing, ideally third party or the like, that shows that this sunscreen is really SPF 50.

It is my understanding it is unlikely to truly be SPF 50 given the very low percentage of zinc and titanium listed in the ingredients. This would explain the lack of grey cast on dark skin even with full application.

I love this stuff. There’s no grey cast, it feels nice on my skin, and doesn’t burn in my eyes.

Show me and I’d be happy to change my rating!

Great for black skin, not at all bad for oily

Finally a mineral sunscreen with absolutely zero white cast! I also have dark greyish pigmentation around my mouth and it’s been difficult finding an spf that doesn’t accentuate it or make it appear duller which this one doesn’t. The texture is difficult to describe, unlike other spfs and a very slightly balmy feel as you first apply it, even after 30 minutes I can still feel it, but thats not a bad thing per se. Without moisturiser this is absolutely oily skin friendly and leaves a VERY natural finish i.e. the skin of a normal non-oily person; I guess you could call it an ALMOST soft matte satin finish. With moisturisers unfortunately it does have a glow that edges a bit on the oily side. Given that the moisturiser I use is anyways very dewy it might have been affected a bit by that, but I don’t think majorly because the type of shine from my moisturiser (that cute dewy glow everyone raves about) is very different from the sunscreens shine (slightly oily looking that’s very minimal but might bother someone looking for a matte finish). Also I don’t always react well to high amounts of aloe Vera but this was low enough that my skin doesn’t feel at all irritated. One concern is how low the zinc and titanium oxides concentration is compared to other spfs and if their was some sort of verification that it was spf50 that would be great. Iron oxides would have been a nice addition for those of us with hyperpigmentation. Would defintley repurchase and wear without moisturiser in the summer.

Constant glow

My skin has evened out and has a beautiful radiant glow that everyone notices. I’m loving my skin right now.

Transparent sunscreen

I love this light, transparent spray. Since it’s oil-based I prefer using it on my body as I have dry skin. It leaves a light sheen. I am yet to try it on my face (combination skin).

Very good product, no white cast

This is a light cream which does not leave a white cast on my dark skin. I like using it on my face while I use the oil-based sunscreen spray on my body since my skin is dry.

Love It! Best Mineral I’ve tried!

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and absolutely love the formula! I have combo (normal/oily) skin and was concerned this would be too much for me, but I really like the finish. There is no cast at all and it does leave a sheen on me, but more of a satin look, rather than oily. Also wears great under my makeup. I will definitely be purchasing again.

Rreally works

I've been using this serum every day as the directions suggest but also, every few days, I've been applying this before putting a reusable silicone full face mask on and leaving for 15 minutes, to help my skin really absorb the product. I can really see and feel the effects when I do this. The lines around my forehead are noticeably smoother and my face looks lifted and hydrated. I'm so impressed by this product!

Best SPF!

Excellent SPF, no white cast on my dark skin. Best mineral SPF I have used.